“Christianity in a Collapsing Culture” (20th anniversary event) – assessed and challenged by Lyndon &

Celia Bowring, Christian Action, Research & Education (June)


“Plane Speaking” – Colin Matthews, CEO Heathrow, on the faith which drives him (February)




“Work-Life Balance” – Paul Valler, former Finance Director HP Ltd, with practical guidance on how

faith can help maintain the right sense of focus (October)


“Life on the Ark” – Commodore Adrian Nance, former Captain of HMS Ark Royal, on leadership,

courage and faith (February)




“Forgiving the Brighton Bomber” – Harvey Thomas, former PR Manager to Margaret Thatcher, on the revelation which came after his brush with death at the Conservative Conference (October)


“Hong Kong before and after” – Jackie Pullinger, author of “Chasing the Dragon”, with insights into her remarkable work with the addicts and the poor in the slums of the former colony (September)



“Forgotten People in Forgotten Lands” – Baroness Caroline Cox, patron of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (April)




“Special 10th anniversary event” – Lord George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury (June)




“My Concorde experience” – Brian Walpole, Senior Concorde Captain, BA (February)




“Is God real” – the question posed by Chris Lambrianou, a former member of the Kray gang (June)




“Facing the Battle – the inaugural RCMG event, presented by Major-General Ian Durie, Director of Royal Artillery in first Gulf War (June)